Multiplex PCR Mix

Product description
NuHigh multiplex PCR Master Mix is a ready-to-use, 2X end-point PCR master mix designed for simultaneous amplification of multiple targets in a single tube. Over 50 primer pairs may be combined into a single reaction for highly specific and efficient multiplexing over a broad range of primer and template concentrations. 
Product features

Simple operation

This mix includes the build-in hot-start DNA polymerase and buffer. Operators only need  adding the primers and template to start the assay. 

Multiplex PCR Mix

Multiplex direct amplification

NuHigh's multiplex PCR mix shows effective amplification performance with challenging templates (e.g. GC rich sequence) and has strong inhibitor tolerance (e.g. humic acid, hemo), which help to realize the direct amplification function.

Humic acid : 250ng / μl

Multiplex PCR Mix

Hemoglobin : 500μM

Multiplex PCR Mix

Tannins : 250ng/μl

Multiplex PCR Mix

Amplify up to 50 amplicons in a single tube 

※48 loci

Multiplex PCR Mix

Ordering information

Product name



NuHi SU9 PCR Mix



NuHi SU10 PCR Mix



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