NACC® sample collection card

Product description
NACC® is NuHigh Biotechnologies' self-developed sample collection cards series, offering the same product performance as FTA cards. NACC® series include non-indicating cards and indicating cards (colorless samples, such as buccal cells and saliva) and are intended for molecular biology applications in forensic, human identity, biosecurity, and paternity testing.
Product features


NACC® cards can effectively protect nucleic acids from environmental microbial and fungal attack.

Comparison of the bacteriostatic ability

NACC® sample collection card

1-FTA card,2-NACC card,3-BK card,4- JT card,5-NWLB card,6-Blank card


Even in the humid environment, the indicating area will prevent mold from growing over time.

Comparison of mold-preventing experiment 

NACC® sample collection card

1-FTA card,2-NACC card,3-BK card,4- JT card,5-NWLB card,6-Blank card


NACC® chemistry coat protects nucleic acids from the harsh impact of UV exposure to increase the stability of your archived samples.

1、Free radical scavenging rate (DPPH) method

The antioxidant effect of NACC card is better than that of FTA card .

NACC® sample collection card

1-FTA card,2-NACC  card,3-BK card,4-JT card,5-NWLB card

※The higher the DPPH value, the stronger the antioxidant ability

2、UV resistance(qPCR)

The UV resistance ability of NACC® card is slightly better than FTA card, and is significantly better than other domestic brand.

NACC® sample collection card

※ The smaller the CT, the stronger the ability to resist UV damage.

Direct amplification

The captured nucleic acids are ready for the direct amplification. Punch a sample disk from the NACC® card and put it into PCR tube.

NACC® sample collection card

Long-term storage

NACC® card is convenient for transportation and has no requirement for frozen environment.

Nucleic acids stored on NACC® cards at room temperature for over 20 years exhibits no loss in PCR efficiency.

Ordering information

Product name



NACC sample collection cardnon-indicating card


100 pcs/box

NACC sample collection cardindicating card


100 pcs/box

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