Virus collection kit (Inactivated)

Product description
This product is specially designed for viral RNA sample collection, transportation and storage. Each kit includes one sample collection swab (NP or OP) and one tube with preservation reagent.
Product features

●  Inactivated:The reagent will inactive the virus immediately which guarantees the safety of transportation and operators.

●  High stability:The sample can be preserved in the tube for one week at ambient temperature.

Virus collection kit (Inactivated)

●  Convenience:This kit includes either NP or OP swab and easy to operate.

Virus collection kit (Inactivated)

Ordering information

Product name



Virus collection kit (Nasopharyngeal Swab)


3mL /pcs

Virus collection kit (Oropharyngeal Swab)


2mL /pcs

Sample Application

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