Hot start DNA polymerase

EzAmp® Classic Taq DNA polymerase   catalog#.: NH9001

EzAmp® MPX Taq DNA polymerase    catalog#.: NH9004

EzAmp®  Fast Taq DNA polymerase    catalog#.: NH9005

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Product Introduction

NuHi’s EzAmp® series Taq DNA polymerase engineered to achieve high Specificity, sensitivity and Compatibility. EzAmp® series almost show no activity at room temperature, and could inhibit the forming of primer- dimer and non-specific amplification.

Product Description

● High Specificity  the Taq DNA polymerase has srong effect in inhibiting primer-dimer–forming

● High sensitivity  as low as 6 copies can be amplified

● High Compatibility  NuHi’s Taq DNA polymerase series are capable of replacing  most of the enzymes on the market

● High stability  can be stored at - 20 ℃ for 3 years without loss in enzyme activity


Modified method

Set up time

Enzyme activity before setting up


EzAmp® MPX Taq DNA 

chemically-modified  Taq


Less than1‰


3 years

EzAmp® Classic Taq DNA


EzAmp® Fast Taq DNA